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40,000-110,000 lb Capacity Kalmar Forklifts

Fallsway Equipment is the exclusive distributor of 40,000-110,000 lb. Capacity Kalmar forklifts in Canton, Akron, Youngstown, Mansfield and Marion, Ohio.

Kalmar has been manufacturing forklifts since 1949. High quality and innovative thinking have always been associated with these machines. Kalmar forklift trucks are present in a wide range of segments all over the world, often working in extremely demanding environments with long shifts, heavy loads and high demands on accessibility.

Developed for a broad spectrum of heavy handling applications, the Kalmar F generation heavy-duty lift trucks, with a lifting capacity of 40,000-110,000 lb., are based on long experience and smart utilization of the latest technology. This lift truck is a machine loaded with customer value.

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