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Forklift FAQs

What forklift is right for my business?

At Fallsway, we take a consultative approach in helping you decide which brand will make the best fit for your company. We will send in one of our knowledgeable Territory Mangers to closely examine all the factors that go into selecting the best manufacturer for your needs. We will ensure you get the best solution for your material handling needs, taking the stress out the buying process.

What forklift brands do you carry?

Fallsway Equipment carries only top of the line manufacturers who known for their innovation and customer satisfaction, including CATMitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, and Manitou. Each one of these brands brings forth their own expertise in certain work environments, enabling us to find the best manufacturer for the measured parameters of your business.

What does the consulting process entail?

When we begin our consultative selling process we don’t just come into your business and sell any piece of machinery. We take the time to determine what will best accommodate your business’ requirements within our extensive product line. We take note of any and all restrictions that your facility has and create a detailed plan to best solve any issues you are facing.

The process does not end when we find a forklift; we communicate with our customers and help resolve any issues that arise. We are focused on creating relationships with our customers to ensure that our products and services meet the Fallsway Equipment standard.

What training is available for my workers?

Whether it’s training a new employee or providing a refresher course, Fallsway has a variety of training programs to help you meet OSHA mandated training regulations. We get factory authorized training materials that give our trainers the ability to instruct your employees with the latest content & operations. We also have Train the Trainer program in which we supply you with the materials & information necessary to train your own employees in house.

What is Fallsway’s Fleet Management Program?

The Fleet Management program at Fallsway Equipment utilizes tools we have gained over our 50 years in the Forklift industry. We gladly pass that knowledge on to our customers. Our goal is to minimize your total cost for material handling equipment; we do this through measuring and tracking ownership and maintenance costs. We take this “total cost” and combine it with truck utilization to make informed management decisions to minimize costs and maximize equipment availability. Our goal is to provide our customers with maximum uptime at the lowest cost per hour.

How often do I need to service my forklift?

Regular maintenance is of utmost importance in keeping your forklift in top condition. The maintenance schedule will depend on how often you are operating the forklift and the type of conditions. Every forklift needs to be serviced at certain intervals; each brand is a little different in service needs.

Maintaining your forklift with appropriate frequency will protect the forklift from experiencing preventable issues which keeps your forklift up and running. That’s why it’s important to speak with one of our experienced service coordinators or territory mangers to establish the best service plan for your forklifts.

What kind of forklift service does Fallsway provide?

Service is a critical component of Fallsway Equipment. We have the resources available to service entire fleets of forklifts. Fallsway employs more than 50 forklift technicians on the road at any given time, ensuring that we have the manpower & the knowledge to fix any and all forklift issues. With an average four hour response time, we get you back on your feet as quickly as possible to keep your business running at its full potential. Fallsway services forklifts in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Can I purchase parts for my own repairs?

Fallsway Equipment has a large inventory of forklift parts & accessories that are on site & ready for purchase at our Akron & Youngstown locations. We have experienced parts technicians at both locations to find the correct part the first time. We even have our own parts shuttle so can get the parts you need fast to get you up and running.

What forklift accessories do you stock?

Fallsway Equipment offers an extensive array of forklift accessories and attachments to create the best fit for your business’ needs. We carry specialty forks, LED alarms, and monitoring systems to track your forklifts usage and output. We have professional relationships with EnerSys Battery Company as well as Cherokee Tire Company. We have the capacity to create the forklift you need to make your operation run smoothly.

Does Fallsway have forklift rentals available?

Fallsway Equipment has over 300 forklifts ready to be rented at any time and can be dropped off at your location upon request. We do daily, weekly & monthly rentals to suit any need that your company is facing. The average age of these rentals is less than 3 years old, ensuring that your rental will be well maintained and at peak performance. Check out www.fallswayrents.com for more information.

Does Fallsway sell used Forklifts?

Fallsway offers three levels of pre-owned equipment, all of which are backed by the Fallsway name. Our used forklifts are a premium used product and allow the customer different material handling alternatives. The three levels are Factory ready, Rental Ready, & As-Is. Every forklift in our pre-owned inventory meets or exceeds the benchmark for its level, but all the units carry the Fallsway Equipment name so you can rest assured they will be in great shape. Take a look at our current stock of used equipment.

Does Fallsway offer Hauling & Delivery?

We employ full time, DOT certified truck drivers who use state-of-the-art GPS equipment, allowing greater flexibility of scheduling stops; ensuring that your equipment arrives on time. We have the capacity to haul up to 42,000 lbs. and the capability to ground load or unload, which eliminates the need for a dock.

When should I replace the tires on my forklift?

Regularly inspect your tires for loss of tread, signs of separation from its band or damage. Cushion forklift tires should be measured to determine the height of the tire. An industry standard is replacing the forklift tire when it reaches just above the imprinted area with the brand name and size of the tire. For pneumatic forklifts, inspect the tires for cracks, splits or little tread. Knowing these signs can help prevent additional damage to your forklift & help your operator travel safely.

How do I maintain an electric forklift Battery? 

To ensure that your electric forklift battery stays in top condition and working at peak performance, follow these simple steps:

  • Try to never run beneath 20% capacity, meaning you are running the unit too hard, creating heat within the battery, damaging the battery & associated components.
  • Next, check your water levels regularly. Water plays a key role in your battery’s life expectancy and how it preforms. Take the time to fill to the indicated lines in the battery.
  • Lastly, keep your charger in good condition. Check to make sure the charger’s plugs & sockets aren’t damaged and that you allow the charging system to finish its cycle before disconnecting.

All these steps can help ensure you have a positive experience with your electric forklift.

Does Fallsway offer a Dock Service?

Fallsway has a dock service vehicle that is fully equipped to take care of your dock, installation and repairs. Our technicians are ready to assist you on your dock equipment, including levelers, dock seals, and truck restraints. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

What kind of attachments can I put on a forklift?

Whether your business needs palletless handling, clamps for materials from paper to tires, attachments for your construction forklifts, the ability to quickly adjust forks, or damage free handling of fragile materials, Fallsway has the right solution in forklift attachments. We understand your unique needs, from the need for revolving motion to handling multiple loads. Our staff can help provide the right approach for your fleet and operations.

Does Fallsway sell pallet jacks?

Yes, Fallsway does sell pallet jacks. Our pallet jacks have been engineered to solve tough material handling projects with versatility and strength. These durable pallet jacks are manufactured by CAT and are built to maneuver your toughest applications.

If you have a question not covered here, please contact us so we can find the best forklift, part or accessory for your needs.