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Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles, commonly referred to as AGVs, are operator-free forklifts designed to navigate autonomously. Fallsway serves as a key distributor for AGV forklifts crafted by Jungheinrich and Rocla, catering to areas including Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and beyond.  These AGVs are touted for their robust, adaptable, and modular design, promising quicker delivery times alongside a swift return on investment. Implementing automation within your warehouse environment can significantly enhance operational efficiency, boost productivity, and most importantly, elevate safety standards on the floor.

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With a proven product line stretching more than 40 years among two industry leaders, Rocrich combines the AGV portfolios of Logisnext’s Rocla® brand and that of Jungheinrich® under one roof. Using the rich history of our two parent companies, now localized in North America, our Customers can count on our automation solutions to solve the unique challenges their company may face. Along with tailored solutions, Fallsway's ability to provide local support gives our Customers the peace-of-mind that our products will always work accurately and efficiently.

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