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Jungheinrich’s Walkie Stackers

We would like to recognize Jungheinrich’s EJC and EMC walkie stackers for a Fallsway Product of the Month.  Take a look at some of the features and benefits that can help your operation in a variety of ways.



The EJC are offered in two variations:  EJC B12- EJC B16 and EJC214-220.  The EJC B12-B16 lift trucks are fitted with a class II fork carriage and optional adjustable base-legs, allowing the forklift to be easily adapted to different loads and applications.  The EJC 214- EJC 220 lift trucks are fitted with fixed forks resting over the base legs(open bottom pallets), yielding a narrower, more maneuverable chassis.

The EJC lifting capacity ranges from 2,600 lbs to 3,500 lbs,  with the well-engineered design ensures excellent stability and a high residual lift capacities up to 213”. The EJC is equipped with a powerful, low-maintenance AC drive motor, allowing travel up to 3.7 mph even with a full load.


The EMC walkie stackers come in two variations also:  EMC 110 and EMC B10. The EMC 110 fork over walkie stacker is meant for open bottom pallets (no bottom boards) allowing for more maneuverability in narrow work spaces.  The EMC B10 straddle comes with adjustable base-legs, allowing it to be easily adapted to different loads and applications.

The EMC’s are able to lift up to 78″ at load capacities up to 2,200 lbs.   Equipped with Jungheinrich’s innovative 3-phase AC drive motor for maintenance-free and outstanding performance for efficient, productive operation.

Both of these walkie stacker’s come fitted with the crawl-speed button, which allows for a safe handling in a tight aisle while having the handle in the vertical position.  The ergonomic design of the handle for both of these machines makes it easier for the operator, and allowing safer, efficient travels for your material handling needs.

Contact us today and see how the walkie stacker’s from Jungheinrich can work for your material handling application.

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