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Let Fallsway Equipment help manage your fleet!

As the day to day routine of daily business is ever-changing, it is vital to understand how your fleet is affecting your daily operations and bottom line. Fallsway Equipment Company specializes in forklift fleet management services for Northeast Ohio. This process helps countless companies look at their entire fleet and determine the best course of action for minimizing costs and maximizing equipment utilization. There are a handful of steps that we put together to allow for the most success with the fleet management system.

  • The first step of our process is an audit of the entire fleet. The audit allows for a comprehensive look into your fleet to evaluate all machines and their operating costs. We accomplish this by talking with managers and drivers, assessing operators and the maintenance records of trucks. Other factors of the audit include looking into the systematic approach the business is running. From this initial audit we are able to provide a few recommendations up front that provide instant savings for the fleet.
  • After initial price reductions we begin to re-engineer the fleet. In the re-engineering phase, Fallsway is able to get better control of the needs of the entire material handling operation. Examples include projecting longevity of vehicles, improving vehicle applications, standardizing the fleet fuel source, and evaluating complementary equipment and parts consumption. This step also involves planning for the future and providing solutions such as replacing, retiring, moving, and the maintaining of vehicles in the fleet.
  • From the re-engineering of the fleet the final stage is providing a long term fleet management strategy. The long term strategy will allow for a continuation of the cost reducing options along with providing all the services necessary.

Our goal is to provide the necessary tools to allow for the most uptime while keeping the costs to a minimum. Our fleet management process has made us the leader in assisting our customers here in Northeast Ohio.

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