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Jungheinrich’s ECR End Rider Pallet Truck

The ECR series of walkie end riders provides top performance for transport, order picking, and dock operations.  Built tough to give a high throughput when it comes to moving heavy loads up to 8,000 lbs. with Jungheinrich’s AC technology, providing long lasting battery life for hours of operation.

Achieve More In Less Time:

  • Top speeds up to 9.3 mph will help you complete more in less time
  • Strong performance on inclines/ramps with a strong Jungheinrich built motor
  • Quick acceleration that can rapidly obtain maximum speed with smooth and precise control
  • Smooth directional changes with regenerative braking system providing seamless transitions in one direction to another

Optimized for Order Picking:
ECR order picking

  • Built with coast control, eliminating the need for operators to step on and off the truck while order picking
  • Dual tiller jog buttons mounted on the sides of the tiller allow for steering and walk along operation
  • Ability to lock tiller in the operating position saves operator additional steps, and more time picking orders
  • Exclusive to Jungheinrich is the ProPick buttons which allow operators to advance the ECR from picking position for greater productivity

Optimized for Trailer Loading/Unloading:ECR trailer unloading

  • Gradeability performance unmatched by competition due to the ECR’s strategic weight distribution, giving the machine a firm grip to the floor
  • Jungheinrich’s exclusive pallet entry roller design allows for the machine to enter the pallet smoothly and efficiently.


ECR fast speeds

Optimized for Long Distances:

  • Built with solid steel forks providing enhanced durability when working in all types of harsh environments
  • Operator comfort with a suspended platform, offering high degree of comfort for operators when driving over uneven floors and docks
  • Jungheinrich’s ProTracLink caster system improves stability, adjusts for drive wheel wear, and helps prevent caster damages.


For more information on this remarkable machine from Jungheinrich, contact us at 330-633-6000 and talk to a Fallsway forklift expert on how this machine will benefit your material handling needs.





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