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Jungheinrich Man-Up Turret Truck Series

Featuring advanced AC technology and a modern design, the new Jungheinrich EKX 514/516k/516 models deliver high performance and energy efficiency with the most ergonomic operator compartment in the industry. The new turret trucks feature lift heights up to 689 inches (main mast + auxiliary mast) and can efficiently run up to two shifts on a single battery charge, eliminating the need for extra batteries and related manpower requirements.

Key benefits include:

High Energy Efficiency

The motor’s efficiency is the highest available in the industry. The new motor technology combined with Jungheinrich’s exclusive AC control system converts around 93 percent of the energy consumed into actual output, cutting energy losses by half. This produces up to a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to the previous generation of EKX man-up turret trucks.

Advanced AC Technology

A synchronous reluctance motor combines the high performance and energy efficiency of two motors with the cost advantages and low maintenance requirements of three-phase AC motors.

Intelligent Systems

When operating the EKX man-up turret truck with the optional Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation System, very narrow aisle warehouse customers can achieve up to a 25 percent increase in throughput efficiency for added productivity. The system is also designed for flexibility, allowing it to be configured based on individual business needs in addition to accommodating future warehouse expansions.

Productivity-Enhancing Options

Customers can choose from a range of optional performance packages to customize the EKX man-up turret truck to the application. The new Floor Pro option offers hydraulic vibration dampening for improved operator comfort. The Sideshift Plus option helps facilitate load handling while allowing the EKX to work effectively in very narrow aisles.

Interested in the new Jungheinrich EKX 514/516k/516 models? Contact Fallsway Equipment today to find out more about our turret trucks.

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