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Demand for Pick Rates Led Company to Jungheinrich

Classic Distributing & Beverage has been a beverage distributor for the Los Angeles area for over 30 years.  Running an operation in a 250,000-square-foot warehouse, moving nearly 8 million cases of beer per year!

One of the dominant challenges this company faced was reducing time spent pulling orders for distribution. Even with voice picking solution, they showed a loss of efficiency from getting on and off their forklifts during the order picking a routine. After working with a local Jungheinrich dealership, Classic Distributing added 15 new Jungheinrich EKS 110 low-level order pickers to their fleet for retrieving warehouse orders.

Check out the video below for their amazing story and success they had from choosing to go with a Jungheinrich EKS low-level order picker.

Classic Distribution Low-Level Order Picking Application

Classic Distributing Low-Level Order Picking Application

The EKS 110 is backed by the 2 shift 1 charge guarantee!  That is 16 hours of order-picking on 1 charge… it may seem unreal, but we guarantee it.

Contact us for a free 7-day demo and experience the difference!

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