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Winterizing your Forklifts

As the winter months are quickly approaching, many are beginning to get their businesses ready for the changing weather conditions. Taking care of priorities such as snow removal, salting parking lots and making sure all heaters are cleaned and ready to go. But many forget one very important item that needs to be ready for winter as well, and that is prepping the forklifts and all other material handling machines.

Taking care of your material handling machines before the frigid temperature arrive is a must. Often times, preparing your forklift for the winter months is not on your first to-do list, more of an afterthought after something goes wrong.

There are many issues that can arise by not properly getting your forklift cold-weather ready, such as leaks in tubing, dead batteries and cracked radiators. It is also important to note that in the winter months; it is easier for your forklift to overheat than in the summer weather. Checking the freezing point of your antifreeze to ensure it is not too low is a great place to start before the harsh weather hits, but it is not always enough to protect your machines. With the winterizing services that Fallsway Equipment can provide, most of these issues are preventable.

To help make these non-issues, we are able to include all of these adjustments in our regularly scheduled planned maintenance programs. In our planned maintenance program, the certified technicians that come to you, will give your forklift a full servicing every 500 hours to make sure that your machines are continuing to run at its peak performance. As mentioned above, it is during these planned maintenance times that adjustments can be made for the winter months as well. Preventative maintenance such as this will help keep your operating costs low and prevent downtime due to larger repairs such as damaged radiators or cracked tubing caused from the changing weather conditions.

Call Fallsway Equipment today to ask more about winterizing your forklift and getting set up on a planned maintenance program.

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