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Winter is Coming: 9 Ways to Prepare your Forklift Fleet for Winter

Winters can be harsh and cause unexpected problems on your forklifts and operators, but once you take the proper precautionary steps in preparation and maintenance you can make it through the winter season. Follow these nine forklift tips to help ensure your fleet makes it through the months ahead.

Cold Weather Is Tough on Batteries.

Have every forklift’s battery and charging system checked and maintained for optimal performance.

Maintain Proper Tire Tread Depth and Tire Pressure.

Once snow and ice become abundant, consider switching to special tires built for winter applications. During the winter months, tire pressure should be checked weekly.

Change The Oil and Filter At Recommended Intervals or Sooner.

Dirty oil can cause a multitude of problems in winter. Consider changing to “winter weight” oil if you live in a colder climate.

Clean, Flush, and Replace New Antifreeze In the Cooling System.

This should be done every year regardless of weather conditions.

Check Other Critical Fluids and Components.

A technician should check the forklift’s fuel, air, hydraulic, and transmission filters.

Check Your Brakes.

Faulty brakes are a common problem during the er months.

Tune-Up Your System Before Winter Starts.

Winter can make problems worse, including pings, faulty starts, and sluggish performance. Get these problems checked out before winter starts, not after.

Check The Exhaust System For A Carbon Monoxide Leak.

Monoxide leaks can be potentially lethal and are considered very dangerous. Carbon monoxide leaks are especially dangerous in winter months when forklifts are stored inside.

Ensure All Lights Are Working Properly.

This means checking the warning lights, work lights, and tail lights to ensure they are working as they should.

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