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What to Consider Before Selecting Fleet Management Tools

There are a lot of factors to consider before selecting the right fleet management tool. It could be an aging forklift fleet, incomplete maintenance records, or limited access to repairs. On top of that, customers’ demands and expectations are growing. These challenges have caused many fleet managers to rethink their overall fleet management strategy for the future.

From online purchasing to telematics, what should you start to consider when selecting the right tools for fleet management? We have six factors you should consider before starting your search

Think Digital

New technology has made many changes in the material handling industry. It has also brought about new ways to manage your fleet, all online. Many material handling providers are still using older established internal methods or perhaps not storing the information online at all. Think internally and question your existing processes. Consider moving away from paper records and move towards something online.

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Scope Out Your Weak Points and Requirements

What is the minimum you need today, and what are your future requirements? When you are considering optimizing your forklift fleet, do not just solve the challenges of today. Take the time to map out your future, both the positive and the negative. Consider solving today’s problem but once that is complete, what is next?

Centralize Your Tools

Once you have your forklift fleet management requirements and needs, you may begin your search. Always begin your search with common platforms that allow you to achieve your multiple goals, such as reviewing fleet management invoicing and your fleet data usage in one location. Centralizing your tools with one supplier is key to having an easier time with your fleet management process. You will also have more time available as the time it takes to gather information is shortened. 

Ensure Around the Clock Access

Being available during emergencies is critical to keeping your operations running smoothly. Need to order parts or schedule emergency maintenance at three in the morning? You simply cannot afford to wait the weeks, days, or even hours necessary to get that forklift back in operation. Make sure that the forklift fleet management solution you choose is available to you at any time of day, or night.

Reliable Offline Support

Very similar to our fourth factor, connecting offline is just as important as being able to connect online. Every warehouse is unique with different challenges, online support may not always have the right solution. Having an online solution is ideal, but make sure that you have a solution available that can help you on-site and in-person too.

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Run a Yearly Analysis

Much like scheduled forklift maintenance, your forklift fleet management process should also be under regular maintenance. Ensure the solution is still working for you year after year. A solution may have worked many years ago, but does it still work as effectively today? Does that solution that does still work today, work tomorrow or a year from now? Remember to review your processes and remember that it could always be improved.

In case you missed it, MCFA offers a plethora of tools that fit all these requirements, called Lift Truck Solutions. Click here to read our last blog covering these tools.

Whatever solution you choose, take these steps to ensure it works for your business. Unsure of where to begin? Drop a comment below or contact Fallsway today! We are always here to help.

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