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Jerr-Dan’s RAIL™System Shines Bright

One of our manufactures, Jerr-Dan Corporation, issued a press release in regards to their RAIL™System and the added safety that comes with the Jerr-Dan name.

The RAIL™System was created by Jerr-Dan to make the operator feel safer in dangerous conditions such as rain, snow, fog or any condition that could potentially create visibility danger for the operator.  Rear Awareness Indicator Lights, or RAIL™, create a bright surrounding for the operator to not only see but to be seen by others.

RAIL™ Rear Awareness Indicator Lights by Jerr-Dan

With RAIL™, bright amber lights (LED) are side mounted on the rear of the carrier, right by where the operator’s controls are located. The addition of random flashing light patterns greatly increases the chance of a motorist seeing the carrier, even in harsh weather conditions. Further increasing operator safety, a 15-degree upward angular placement of the lights has been implemented. This improves horizontal visibility when the carrier bed is tilted during loading and unloading.

“Our goal was to look at ways to improve the recovery vehicle’s visibility while maintaining or even enhancing the operation of the carrier and the job of the towing professional,” says Sanjeev Kuriakose, Senior Project Engineer for Jerr-Dan. “And RAIL was one of our many ideas.”

See video of the RAIL™System here.

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