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Online Shopping in the Material Handling World

Fifty-eight percent of Americans prefer to do their shopping online, but people use more than just Amazon these days. Read today’s blog to learn how online shopping can meet your material handling needs.

Every day the number of Americans who prefer to do their shopping online increases. US retail e-commerce sales are expected to increase by up to 7% through 2024. This rise in online shopping is due to various reasons including convenience and efficient solutions for your average American.

This preference stays true in the material handling world, where people find online shopping to be faster and more convenient in today’s busy world. This stays true for a few reasons:

Larger Inventory

Consumers are more educated than ever and do not want to settle for a product that does not meet their needs. Searching for products online, for something as simple as a forklift replacement part, is easy with the help of product search boxes and part number lookup.

Faster Shopping

Purchasing products is ideal for anyone on a tight schedule, especially for managers on a tight schedule. When shopping online you can view the availability of the product and if you could benefit from reordering previous items.

Scheduled Deliveries

If you need to make purchases on an ongoing basis, then online shopping is the way to go. Set up reoccurring orders leaving you one less thing to worry about. When you schedule deliveries it also allows you to minimize inventory space in your warehouse while also having everything available you need on-hand.

Informed Decisions

Shopping online allows for more informed decisions, as you can read product descriptions, reviews, product specifications, and other critical details.

Easy Returns

Returns are easier than ever with online shopping, simply send the product back in the original packaging back to the manufacturer. Since all purchase information is stored digitally, you will not need to hang onto paper receipts to make that return.

Always Open

Many of us are working from 9-5 and may not have time to shop. Shopping online allows you to browse parts online and order what you need when you have the time to do so.

An Online Parts Store

Fallsway offers an online parts store providing you with quick and easy access to genuine OEM and competitive parts.

The Part Store allows you to:

  • Order replacement parts for your forklift fleet, all online. Parts available regardless of the make or model of the forklift.
  • Check availability and pricing for over 4.3 million forklift parts on your own schedule.
  • Order your forklift parts with the click of a button whenever you need them.
  • Obtain tracking information for added peace of mind.

Have further questions? Contact us today!

Interested in learning more or have a question? Visit Parts Store to learn more.

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