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New Models Added to the Jungheinrich Pantograph Reach Truck Series

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift of America (MCFA) has announced the addition of a new series of 3,000-3,500 lb. capacity 36-volt pantograph reach trucks to the Jungheinrich product line. These new trucks feature state of the art AC technology that helps deliver the highest performance in the industry. We examine the key features and benefits below:34934 MIT CAT-E

  • Jungheinrich set the standard for 3-phase technology more than 18 years ago. Over the years they have continued to perfect their technology in order to improve run times and deliver even higher performance levels.
  • The new ETR hydraulic system boasts a lifting speed of up to 160 feet per minute. This results in an increase in both productivity and efficiency.
  • The newly designed mast and suspended articulating drive axle help support the new higher rated capacities.
  • The spacious and cushioned interior compartment help to improve operator efficiency. The reach trucks new intuitive control handle lets the operator control all functions of the truck with only one hand. These features help reduce operator fatigue and improve overall accuracy.
  • The new color operator display features a battery discharge indicator, drive wheel 360 travel direction and programmable performance levels which helps to aid in the confidence of the operator.

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