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Jungheinrich: Unmatched Efficiency

For over 60 years Jungheinrich has been the leader in the drive to make the material handling industry as efficient as possible. Over time, Jungheinrich engineers have created outstanding energy efficiency throughout the entire machine. It has been tested time and time again, with Jungheinrich machines, the battery is able to last two full shifts off of one battery charge in typical applications.

This type of battery length stem for the 3-Phase AC Motors that are featured in all of the Jungheinrich electric machines to provide increased efficiency. The output AC controller coupled with the powerful AC Drive Motor started development back in 1996 and is continues to be tested and improved. These two components were designed together by Jungheinrich to maximize performance and energy efficiency. It is these features that have lead Jungheinrich to become a worldwide AC leader in the material handling industry.

A unique energy efficient feature on Jungheinrich machines is the advanced regenerative braking system. This system allows for the recovery of up to 20% every time the operator takes his foot off the accelerator. Going along with the regenerative braking is the optional regenerative lowering system. This system is able to reclaim up to 30% of energy required to raise the mast every time it is lowered. With these types of regenerative energy savings it makes every 4th lift free to the user.

With all the energy efficiency features that Jungheinrich has introduced in its machines, it has allowed them to become one of the leaders in global warehouse logistics. The benefits of longer run times, fewer batteries, and less time charging and changing batteries are all factors in making your operation more efficient and increasing the bottom line. It is Jungheinrich and Fallsway’s guarantee that these machine batteries will run longer than any others on the market with the efficiency that has been created.


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