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Jungheinrich: Growing with Passion

When it comes to electric forklifts and warehouse equipment we have to give the German engineers at Jungheinrich a standing ovation. The name Jungheinrich might not be as well-known as their competitors here in the U.S. today, but it won’t take long until they are a household name. We are extremely excited for the future of our company and our customers with Jungheinrich leading the way in the electric market.

There are 3 key factors that separate Jungheinrich from the competition moving forward.

  1. Unmatched Efficiency. You have heard us rave before about the batteries lasting two full shifts on one charge. Thanks to the AC motors that are integrated into these machines they are outlasting competition by shifts, not just hours.
  2. Parts Fast or Parts Free. Jungheinrich is so committed to their customers and products that they offer a guarantee of next day delivery of in stock parts, or they are FREE, including shipping.
  3. MCFA Partnership. By partnering with MCFA every Jungheinrich Lift Truck is backed by the experienced dealer network in North America. So that means you can count on Fallsway Equipment and our qualified service department to take care of your equipment and present you with some great solutions to optimize your fleets performance.

It is easy to see from our personal experience in this industry for over 60 years why these products are so superior. Take a few moments to watch the Growing with Passion video to learn more about Jungheinrich and why we are so excited to be providing our customers with these quality machines.

Contact us today or Call (330) 633-6000 with any questions or to learn more about Jungheinrich!

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