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Jungheinrich EZS Product Features

The EZS tow tractors are commonly used in applications involving pulling & hauling carts, refilling parts & component bins, low-level order picking and transportation in manufacturing, grocery, beverage and US post offices.  These machines come in various models ranging up to 19,800lbs capacity and can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses (depending on the model).

Read  on to find out why you should choose an EZS over any other tow tractor.

Jungheinrich EZSProductivity – Get More Done in Less Time

  • Extra-long battery life improves run time.
    • Run up to 2 shifts on a single battery charge
  • Power to move more
  • Narrow aisle turning radius
  • Electronic parking brake
    • Reduces chance for rollback on inclined surfaces
    • Automatic parking brake activates when operator is not in normal operating position
  • Automatic curve control
    • Reduces speed while turning
  • Benefits Included
    • Improved productivity and move more loads per shift

Ergonomics – Why you should be choosing an EZS

  • Effortless steering
    • Jet pilot steering – Unique design with thumb operated controls on EZS 350NA and C40NA
    • Automotive-style steering wheel and floor pedals on EZS 570NA, 580NA, 590NA and C40NA
  • Enhanced comfort
    • Padded backrest and knee pad on EZS 350NA and C40NA and full suspension seat and spring loaded suspension on EZS 570NA, 580NA and 590NA
  • Large cushioned floor area to reduce vibration
  • Solid performance tires reduce bumps and vibrations felt by the operator
  • Excellent all-around visibility
  • Benefits included
    • Reduced fatigue. stress and increased operator confidence and control

Superior Energy Efficiency – Maximize Performance

  • Superior AC technology
  • High output AC controller with powerful 3-phase AC drive motor
  • Benefits included
    • Longer battery life, responsive directional changes  and precise speed and torque control

Maximum Uptime – Longer Running Time

  • Long Life AC components
  • Rugged Construction for tough applications
  • Electronic brake=less maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance time
  • Benefits included
    • More uptime to move more loads and lower cost of operation

Contact us today for more information about how the EZS tow tractor can be put to good use in your operation.

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