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Jungheinrich ECE Center Control Riders

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Jungheinrich ECE series of center control riders in North America.  This center-controlled rider is capable of lifting up to 8,000 lbs of product through your warehouse without losing any torque.  The ECE 227/236XL through a combination of the latest technologies and an ergonomic design has optimized both the cost and speed of order picking.  The ECE standouts from the competition with its high-performance output and its ergonomic design built for the comfort of the operator.   Take a look at the following features and benefits to owning this exceptional machine.

Innovative technology:

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The ECE is built to outperform and reduce operating costs.  It has high energy efficiency with reduced energy consumption when performing any applicable task.  Built with rapid acceleration for high productivity and shorter long distance travel times.  In addition to its high acceleration, it also has quick and secure changing of travel direction without pausing in the neutral.

Comfortable operation:

Built for any skill level or application with Speed Control offering a comfortable and secure travel based off of driver characteristics.  The travel speed, which can be set by the driver, will maintain a constant speed regardless of operation during travel times up or down an incline.  Has regenerative braking with energy recovery when reducing travel speed for a smooth and safe ride.

Rugged Construction:

The ECE is built to last in even the hardest applications.  The chassis is made from high-quality steel and an extra high raised apron on the front cover.  Tension-proof fork sections with strong, pull-rod design built even for the heavy loads and long forks.  Capacity up to 8,000lbs for carrying up to three non-stacked pallets.

Smooth Steering:

The ECE offers electric steering using the JetPilot steering wheel.  A secure grip, similar to driving a car gives your operators comfort and familiarity.  The operator does not need to contort their body when traveling around corners providing operator control and more importantly, comfort.  The design allows for single-hand control with its automatic return to its straight-ahead travel position.

For more information on this Jungheinrich product, contact us at 330-633-6000




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