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Industrial Battery Maintenance

With industrial batteries comes the need for maintenance and repairs. Understanding the workings of an industrial battery, and its peak preforming levels, will ensure best results. These industrial batteries, when running on full eight hours shifts, are put through lifting, moving and raising full pallets, multiple times, up to their destinations. This requires the batteries to be fully charged and maintained to ensure that no down time is experienced for unnecessary repairs or charging.

Proper Industrial Battery Maintenance

Proper industrial battery maintenance

Knowing the proper techniques and procedures when handling an industrial battery can make all the difference in its longevity. If a battery is properly maintained it will last longer and thus save you from purchasing another battery before you it is necessary to.  Following a few simple steps, in a scheduled manner, will help you maintain and prolong your industrial battery charge after charge.

Demonstrating the removal of a Industrial Battery for charging

Removal of an industrial battery for charging

Please watch our informative video below to learn the basic steps of maintaining your battery.

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