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Havis Products: Police Vehicle Customization

Many Police Departments utilize laptop computers in their cars for all of their communication and information needed in emergency situations. These laptops are positioned in the center console, between the two seats. They take up significant space, and making it harder to work in certain situations. In situations, where every second counts, you need a reliable and user friendly system that works for the officer not against. Fallsway would like to introduce a new Control System from Havis Products. Fallsway Equipment is proud to offer this new technology for your Department to utilize.

Havis Integrated Control System

Havis Integrated Control System

The Integrated Control System has a space saving design that creates efficiency and safety, in the work environment, through the use of a highly integrated and customizable control system.

The Los Angeles Police Department, in cooperation with Ford Motor Company, Havis Inc., and Lectronix developed a bright in-dash touch screen display to provides police officers with an easy-to-use interface for their equipment.

Vehicle Integration: The Integrated Control System is designed to fit the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Ford Police Interceptor Sedan dash without permanent modification.

Safety: By relocating computers and video sources to the trunk, the Integrated Control System allows for a flush profile of the OEM dash, and a clean cockpit, while ensuring OEM safety systems are unobstructed.

Ergonomics: The placement and orientation of the Touch Screen Display has been approved by the Los Angeles Police Department, one of the largest police forces in the country, with over 10,000 officers.

Display Visibility and Durability: The ultra-wide viewing angle of the Touch Screen Display gives the driver, or passenger, full control of the system. The chemically strengthened glass face is sunlight-readable.

How the Integrated Control System Works

Integrated Control System (Click to Enlarge)

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