Forklift Sales & Service

Fallsway Equipment Company prides it self on maintaining the best forklift manufacturers in the industry, this includes CAT, Crown, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Manitou, and Navigator forklifts. We sent many years getting all these manufacturers together to offer our customers the best possible equipment for their applications. Accompanying these great pieces of equipment is our Forklift Service Department, with branches in both Akron, OH and Youngstown, OH we have the man power to take care of any problem our customers face.

Since 1959 we have been establishing our connections in the Akron and Youngstown area to be the most diversified, hard working, forklift provider in those areas. We are accomplishing this by working with our customers to see what they truly need out of their material handling equipment. With these discussions we can better identify their problem areas and find the piece of equipment that will accommodate to their needs.


With over 50 full time service technicians on staff, Fallsway is ready for service jobs both big and small. With a high tenure average among our service technicians you can be rest assured that whoever is coming to fix your forklift has at a minimum taken 40 hours of training classes every year that they have worked at Fallsway. This creates a very knowledgeable and effective service department that can handle jobs that is a challenge to other forklift companies.

We have six dedicated territory managers that manage their specific territories for forklift Service, Parts, Rentals and Sales. Each territory manager has product knowledge that can assist you in choosing the correct forklift for your application, when to service that forklift and coordinate with all our departments to ensure that your forklift experience is a positive one.

Have questions about servicing or purchasing forklifts? Contact us or call 1-800-458-7941

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  1. April Cook says:

    The small business I work for is growing and it is getting hard to move all our customer orders be ourselves. I think investing in a forklift might be a good option for us. It would save our backs and a lot of time! I appreciate the amount of training that your technicians have. How often do you need regular maintenance done to keep things running smoothly? Thanks for the information!

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