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Forklift Operator Training at Fallsway

Good operator training can make all the difference when handling forklifts in difficult applications. It has been proven to not only enhance safety but also increase productivity within an organization. Fallsway Equipment Company is proud to offer the very best in training programs. We tailor our training packages to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements. Some of our packages are listed below: Students learn the latest in forklift operations & safety at Fallswa

  • Full Day Training – This package is recommended for new forklift operators. The class starts with four hours of classroom instruction that includes training videos, group discussions and a written test. This is then followed up by a hands-on training session. Operators will cover proper pre-operational inspection routines, safe operation of the truck and an evaluation of the operators driving performance. Once the class is completed operators will be given a certificate of completion and wallet cards for OSHA identification.
  • Half Day Training – This package is recommended for forklift operators who need to be recertified or who are just in need of a quick refresher course. This package includes training videos, group discussions and a written test. The half day training does not include a hands on portion.
  • Train the Trainer – This package is usually recommended for large companies who want to cut down on the expense of operator training. We provide your designated employee with the tools and knowledge to complete OSHA certified training within your facility. Our trainer provides you with the very latest in forklift safety and operator regulations, pre-operational safety inspection and examples of practical driving tests.

Fallsway always has been and always will be about serving the customer. If one of the packages listed above doesn’t fit your requirements then let us know. We would be happy to tailor our training program in order to meet your company’s OSHA requirements. Be sure to look at the forklift training page on our website for more information.

Have questions about forklift training? Contact us or call 1-800-458-7941

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