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Fallsway / MHEDA Video Recap

As this week comes to an end, so does the Fallsway / MHEDA video series. These videos were aimed at educating and refreshing our customers on a wide variety of material handling topics. Below is a quick recap on a few important notes from each video.

Innovations in Electric Trucks
• Electric forklifts now make up 60% of the market.
• Environmental concerns, government regulations and advances in performance and AC technology are just a few of the reasons electric trucks have become so popular.
• Paying a higher upfront cost for an electric lift truck can mean saving money when it comes to long-term maintenance compared to an IC truck.

Operations-Training, Tips and Techniques
• Providing OSHA standardized training on all machines and work environments is required.
• Inspections of all machines prior to each shift are vital to safety.
• Maintaining a safe load size is crucial for the overall safety of both the operator and the machine.

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning
• Follow the maintenance schedule that is outlined in the truck’s operation manual. This will help keep the truck performing at its highest potential.
• A daily pre-start inspection is not only good for the forklift but it is also key to the safe operation of the forklift.
• Taking the time to properly clean your forklift can help minimize downtime caused by contamination due to debris from the application.

Safety Considerations
• Safe work environments are critical to the health of your business. They help to minimize damage to your assets, whether these are people, products or equipment.
• It is imperative that anyone who is going to operate a forklift is trained and certified in operating that piece of equipment.
• Always be sure to follow the rules and guidelines set by your company, the government and the manufacturer.

Selecting the Right Forklift
• Business today means operating in real time. Your customers demand speed and accuracy when it comes to their orders. Your forklift equipment has a direct impact on your company’s ability to meet these expectations.
• Some key questions to ask yourself before choosing a forklift: What am I using this forklift for and where is it going to be used? What are my maximum capacities and lift requirements? Is it better for me to lease or own my equipment?
• Answering these few questions will help you better decide what the right forklift is for your organization.

Warehouse Productivity Factors
• Warehouse layout and design is extremely important to the productivity of your business. Your material handling equipment may require you to work in specific aisle sizes and ceiling heights in order to properly handle your load.
• The modern lift truck can be customized to help you best accomplish the goals of your business. Whether this is an attachment that will increase efficiency in handling your loads, added lights and warning devices or just ergonomic upgrades to raise the level of comfort for your operators.
• Communication is key if you are managing multiple fleets and people, this is why you should consider investing in an effective fleet management system. With this system you will be able to track costs, create maintenance schedules, track equipment and operator performance, and determine your optimum fleet size.

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