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Fallsway Goes Green at Akron Green Fair

On May 2, 2014 Fallsway ventured down to Lock 3 in Downtown Akron to participate in the 7th annual “Green Fair” sponsored by The Smart Materials & Solid Waste Management Committee.

Akron Green Fair

Akron Green Fair

The show is centered around environmental awareness as well as cleaning up Downtown Akron. With the help of students, parents and local residents, the event is expected to reach over 300 volunteers.

Just a portion of the volunteers going out to clean Downtown

A portion of the volunteers going to help clean Downtown Akron

The volunteers pick up trash and thousands of cigarette butts; sweep multiple blocks of sidewalks; wash paper boxes, parking meters, benches, and bus shelters. They also paint railings, fire hydrants, light poles, and parking meters. As well as beautifying mulch beds with flowers.

Volunteers and Vendors getting ready for the day

Volunteers and vendors getting ready for the day

Fallsway was invited by the city because of the close relationship with their maintenance crews and other public services. Three employees went down to represent Fallsway: Jeff Mcdiffitt who is in charge of our Police and Fire division, Sam White who is a Truck Equipment Salesmen who helps the city of Akron purchase vehicles for servicing the city, and Nick Beagle who took pictures of the event and worked as a Public Relations Representative.

Jeff Mcdiffitt & Sam White at the Green Fair

Jeff Mcdiffitt & Sam White at the Green Fair

We had a fantastic day and met with many people who thanked us for our support to help keep Akron Green!

Fallsway at Green Fair

Fallsway at the Akron Green Fair

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