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Class 4 Model Lineup Expansion

Cat Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks recently announced that they are adding to their class 4, sit-down internal combustion tire product line to provide more options for their customer bases.

These additions will include 7,000 lb. and 8,000 lb. models, which provide industry-leading advantages in maneuverability achieved through the chassis design. This versatility provides various advantages, they excel in a number of industries such as general warehousing, food products, trucking and warehousing, building materials and garden supplies, and much more.

These models were developed for the needs of the market, providing the solutions your customers need and the return on investment that is expected with the Cat Lift Trucks and Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks.

Built to Last

Display Diagnostics – On-board diagnostics provide immediate truck status, helping streamline the process of troubleshooting while minimizing the time needed to address any potential issues.

Cooling System – Includes electronic engine protection and warning system to monitor radiator fluid and transmission oil temperatures, bottom bypass airflow design to increase airflow, and a reliable aluminum radiator for crossflow cooling.

Cushioned Stability Control – A rubber damper mounted between the steer axle and frame can provide a maintenance-free system to add lateral stability, which means an operator can maintain productivity with confidence.

Reduced Vibration – The engine is mounted onto rubber cushion dampeners that absorb vibrations from the floor, helping increase operator comfort and safety.

Trustworthy Performance

GK25 IC Engine – Provides high levels of torque and horsepower keeping compliance with all CARB and EPA emissions regulations.

Electronic Fuel Injection System – Provides high levels of torque at lower RPM levels helping to find the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency.

Fuel Saver Mode – Toggle switch located in the dashboard that can be easily activated to save on fuel costs without sacrificing travel speed of the truck. *Optional for Mitsubishi Models.

Sales Resources

Cat lift trucks 2C7000-2C8000

Mitsubishi forklift trucks FGC35CN-FGC40CN

For More Information

If you have a question or would like more information, contact us! We will connect you with a Territory Manager in your region who will be able to provide more information.

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