Jungheinrich ETR Product of the Month

Fallsway is proud to support the product line from Jungheinrich’s ETR 230, 235, 340, 345 and 335d reach truck series as our June product of the month! The ETR is setting new standards in reach truck performance by delivering longer run times—up to two shifts on one battery charge. The product series leads the class in performance and efficiency that your business demands. The informative display panel shows the operator numerous conditions like battery discharge, 360 degree travel direction, performance level and LED warning lights. Operator compartment features a soft rubber back, arm and knee cushions and Ergo-cushioned flooring to help reduce fatigue on the operator. The ETR comes in multiple options with the feature of having an extended reach with the 335d series reach truck.

Top 5 Key Benefits:

MCFA JUNGHEINRICH EOS ETR340 doublereach studio

  1. Performance
    • Industry leading due to Jungheinrich AC technology.
  2. Ergonomics
    • Spacious padded operator compartment, intuitive multifunction control handle, electric steering maximizes operator comfort.
  3. Precision
    • Multifunction control handle, cushioned mast staging & smooth pantograph reduce risk of product damage.
  4. Stability
    • New rigid mast & ProTrac suspended articulating axle helps increase operator confidence for better productivity.
  5. In Control
    • Highly Informative display panel & centralized accessory switches makes it easier for the operator to be in control of your lift truck.

The ETR has industry leading lift speeds of up to 160 feet per minute-one of the fastest in the industry. This will help get your business faster pick times for greater efficiency throughout the shift. The Jungheinrich’s advanced regenerative braking system helps the ETR with its performance and has less maintenance cost.

For more information call Fallsway at 330-633-6000 and talk to a Jungheinrich expert on how this product will work for your operation!


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