Articulating Boom Crane Inspections

Articulating boom crane inspections are a necessity for proper operation and safety requirements mandated by OSHA for the safety of the operators. These machines are working with heavy loads in environments which require the crane to be in proper working order to ensure that the job can be completed safely. This NTEA articulating boom crane inspection sheet will help keep your equipment, workers, and company safe from any potential harm.

OSHA and NTEA recommend the use of an inspection checklist to make sure all cranes are in proper working condition before operation. This recommendation is made due to the danger associated with lifting large weights when the cranes are not properly maintained. Using this checklist greatly benefits your operators and company by ensuring that the crane will operate in the correct manner, creating operator confidence and shielding the company from negligence.

Articulating Boom Crane Inspection

Articulating Boom Crane Inspection

The NTEA inspection sheet breaks down into four time frames based on what needs to be inspected, and when it is needed.

The first time frame is daily crane inspection which needs to be completed before each shift to ensure the crane is working condition.

The next is monthly inspections, or 100 hour of normal operations, which includes the daily inspections plus mechanical aspects that wear over time. This inspection should be recorded and retained for at least three months.

Next is a quarterly inspection. This should be done every three months, or 300 hours of normal operations. The quarterly inspection includes daily, monthly and all quarterly inspection items. All items must be documented, maintained, and retained for a minimum of 12 months.

The last time frame is an annual inspection. This is to happen each year or 1200 hours of normal operations; including the daily, monthly, quarterly and the annual inspection items. All items are to be documented, maintained, and retained for a minimum of 12 months.

Following these simple steps will help to ensure that your crane will be in great working condition for years to come.


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  2. A good friend of mine was telling me about wanting to learn more about crane inspections. She was trying to understand how long these inspections last and what they include. It would help her to know that these are quarterly and document the things that must be repaired or maintained for safe use.

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