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2 Shifts 1 Charge

Jungheinrich is offering a revolutionary guarantee: 2 full shifts without having to change or charge the lift truck battery.

If you take advantage of this new generation of warehouse products, you will never need to stop during a shift to charge, which will result in:

  • Higher operational level
  • Increase in production
  • Valuable time savings
  • Cost savings on batteries and chargers
  • 16 hours on a single battery charge


Jungheinrich prides itself on being an innovation leader in the lift truck industry, as is apparent with this guarantee due to the long-lasting lithium ion forklift battery. Effective and leading-edge energy management is used to eliminate the need for charging between two shifts. This guarantees that the lift truck will run for 16 hours, for 5 years, and if it doesn't perform to this Jungheinrich standard, we will cover the cost of a new battery to make sure that it does. 


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