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Mitsubishi Small Electric Cushion Forklift

Brand Mitsubishi
Lift Capacity (lbs) 2,000 - 4,000
Forklift Application Warehouse
Fuel Type Electric
Tires Cushion

The 3,000 - 4,000 lb capacity electric cushion tire lift truck from Mitsubishi (FBC15N-FBC18LN Series) offers:

  • Designed for superior comfort
  • Adjustable seating to suit your operators
  • Optimized visibility

All come together to create a comfortable forklift you can count on.

Redesigned For Reliability And Functionality

The FBC series is focused on efficiency. It features new controllers to improve energy efficiency and easy to remove panels to allow for easier maintenance. The 4-inch full-color display and foot-operated parking brake allow for increased productivity during the workday.

Fallsway proudly sells, services, and supports Mitsubishi Lift Trucks across 22 counties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Mitsubishi Small Electric Cushion Forklift available for Purchase, Lease, Rent, or Demo!

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