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Chemicals & Cleaners


cleanerChemicals & Cleaners

Introducing the innovative range of PowerBoss cleaning additives that guarantee exceptional cleaning results and come in convenient packaging for maximum cleaning performance. PowerGreen, PowerClean, and Blazn are all Super Concentrates, specially formulated to work seamlessly with all PowerBoss scrubbers. Achieving outstanding cleaning outcomes is effortless with our simple dilution process - just pour 1-quart into the solution tank along with a full tank of water (up to 100 gallons) and witness brilliant cleaning results (use 1/2 bottle for machines with 50 gallons of capacity). Each case from PowerBoss includes 12 individual quarts, providing an impressive coverage of 1,800,000 ft2. And for those stubborn tire marks, simply pre-spray or treat the surface with PowerSauce and double scrub for effortless removal.



Which chemical do you need?

  • PowerGreen - powerful degreaser and still safe for the user and the environment.
  • PowerClean - heavy-duty degreaser for severe oil rich environments.
  • Blazn - ulta-concentrated heavy-duty degreaser forumulated to compliment Thermal Green Technology (TGT)
  • PowerSauce - solvent-based cleaner that removes stubborn materials that other cleaners cannot. 


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