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Walkies, Riders and Stackers

These machines allow you to easily move and stack materials by either walking behind or riding them. Our experience staff can help you determine the appropriate walkie, rider or stacker for your application whether you’re in the grocery, warehouse, distribution or trucking industry. Learn more about our rental walkies, riders and stackers.


Walkies, Riders & StackersRent Walkies, Riders & Sliders From Fallsway

Electric pallet trucks come in several varieties - stackers, rider pallet jacks and walkie pallet jacks. Walkie jacks are electric and the operator walks behind the machine steering it via the handle. Rider pallet jacks are faster than walkies and allow the operator to stand on the unit and steer. Both walkie and rider jacks lift from ground level to approximately nine inches.

Walkie stackers have an upright and lift to greater heights than pallet jacks. Once again, the operator walks behind the unit and steers it via the handle.

Powered by: Electric - Industrial Battery
Application: Grocery, Warehousing, Distribution, and Trucking
Capacities: Up to 6,000lbs.

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