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Jungheinrich 2 Shift 1 Charge Guarantee

An industry-exclusive for North America, Fallsway’s “2 Shifts, 1 Charge” Program guarantees that several key Jungheinrich order pickers, reach trucks, turret trucks, and electric pneumatic tire models will run for TWO full shifts on ONE battery charge – with no interim charging, no battery changing and no additional charging equipment needed.

Jungheinrich has 60+ years of experience with electric lift truck design, and guarantee the following trucks were engineered to increase operating efficiency while also reducing overall costs over the lifetime of the lift truck.  We are proud to back our product from Jungheinrich by guaranteeing that these key machines will run 16 straight hours on a single battery charge, or the extra battery is on us.

Below is a list of what you will save when using these key Jungheinrich products covered:

  • Time:
    • Less time charging, more run times, increasing up-time and overall efficiency.
    • No wasted time on battery swaps.
  • Money:
    • Save on charging equipment; fewer batteries and charging stations.
    • Save on battery maintenance.
    • Charging batteries after each shift can reduce the lifespan of the battery; where charging it after 2 shifts will increase the lifespan.
  • Space:
    • Fewer batteries and charging stations open’s up additional floor space for more product.

We are putting our money where our mouth is by offering this guarantee on several key Jungheinrich order pickers, reach trucks, turret trucks, and electric pneumatic tire models.

We are also offering FREE demo’s on all Jungheinrich products so you can feel the difference in efficiency that Jungheinrich lift trucks have to offer.

Jungheinrich 2 Shift 1 Charge Guaranteed

Are you ready to step into a new generation of material handling products?

Terms and conditions apply to applications covered, please contact us to learn more!


2 responses to “Jungheinrich 2 Shift 1 Charge Guarantee”

  1. Amanda Hoefler says:

    This is a compelling pitch. We’ve been considering adding this order picker:
    and the 2 shifts guarantee is something I haven’t seen anyone else offer yet.

    • Fallsway says:


      The 2 shift 1 charge guarantee is due to Jungheinrich’s level of dedication with battery performance. The order picker from Jungheinrich is a great option! If you would like some more information on this product or the 2 shift 1 charge guarantee you can contact us at 330-633-6000 to speak to one of our specialists!

      Thank you,

      Fallsway Equipment.

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