Crown Equipment Quick Change Load Wheels

Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks are constantly on the move in warehouse applications. They are running pallets around the warehouse, unloading trucks or pulling products off the racks. The importance of maintaining these forklifts is critical to the overall warehouse workflow. Having even one reach truck down can cause a disruption throughout the entire warehouse, leading to downtime and lose of production.

Crown Equipment recognized this problem and came up with an innovative solution to a common problem associated with reach trucks; load wheel replacement causing excessive downtime and work flow disruption. This is why Crown came up with the Quick Change Load Wheel system, making it easier and quicker for a technician to change out load wheels and get the reach truck back on the floor.

Crown slashed the previous average time of 30-40 minutes for a typical load wheel replacement down to 2-3 minutes with their Quick Change Load Wheel Replacement Program. The average time saved is 25+ minutes  on average! This time saved not only keeps the employees working, but the production in the warehouse is keeps flowing on schedule.

The bolt-on outrigger tips are designed for a Quick Change cartridge to easily fit in. A tool is used to insert and remove the load wheel cartridge from the outrigger tip. The design allows the load wheel assembly to be swapped-out in the aisle, eliminating the need to move the truck to a maintenance area, wait for an available technician to jack up the truck, and replace the load wheels to bring it back into service.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Quick Change Load Wheel Program.

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