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Forklift Education

Fallsway Equipment’s experts are leaders in their field. Find more about Forklifts, forklift accessories, and trends in the industry from our experts on our blog.

Renting a Forklift: Factors and Advantages

Flexibility is essential for any business and renting forklifts can be a different approach to lowering costs on a short-term basis. Understanding a lift truck rental agreement will help maximize the benefits you can gain from using a short-term forklift rental, thus aligning with your business’s particular needs.  

Factors to Consider:

The first factor to consider would be if there will be a demand for more forklift capacity in the future. Depending on the need, the cost to rent a forklift on a short-term basis can save you money if you’re able to secure a low rate. Short-term rentals are ideal for:

  • Replacing forklifts that are out for service or repairs.
  • Temporary goods demand larger capacities or extended reach.
  • Seasonal demand increases.
  • Need to maintain productivity until a new forklift works with the budget.
  • Testing different models to determine what fits best.

Rentals are Temporary Costs:

Forklift rentals are a temporary expense for decision-makers to have a much greater flexibility when managing the budget. Not every business can go out and spend money on a new or used forklift, especially when other business questions should be answered first, for instance:

  • Is there room for in your budgeting for flexibility?
  • Will growing the business require more equipment needs?
  • Are you providing your own forklift maintenance or leaving it to someone else?  (Local forklift dealer)
  • Does your business demand guaranteed uptime? (Full-Maintenance)

Rental Agreements:

If you need to go beyond the short-term rental, consider speaking to one of our local territory managers first to make sure you get the most out of the rental. Talk to us about the type of loads (weights & sizes), height required to lift, operating condition and surface, or any special requirements your facility has.

Once you feel like you have a general idea of your forklift needs, we can talk specifics like:

  • Is there a need for additional features, like attachments, alarms, or warning lights?
  • If you use an electric forklift, you will need to review the battery charger requirements.  Do you need professional help for installation? Ask us what options we would recommend for your application.
  • Establish a general idea of how long you will need the rental. This can help reduce the rates, thus saving you money.

For more information about forklift rentals call our rental department at 330-633-6000 or visit our forklift rental page.



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AGV: The Evolving Material Handling Industry at a Glance

The material handling industry is evolving with new technology every day.  Companies are finding new ways to move products at efficient rates, saving both time and money.  AGV’s or Automated guided vehicles are forklifts that do not require an operator to function. The goal of an automated solution is to improve your operations warehousing efficiency and thus increasing profitability while reducing the overall costs.

Why choose AGV’s?

Automated Guided Vehicle application single stack

  • Operators are eliminated, along with the error that comes with them.  There are no damages to customer products, buildings, or machinery, thus saving costs on replacing misuse and abuse.
  • The increase in warehouse safety will dramatically increase safety records.
  • Reliably work 24/7 in critical 3 shift operations.  Sleep easy at night knowing that your warehouse is still hard at work!
  • Every AGV’s path is traceable, thus being able to identify product movement in your warehouse.
  • They have a low life-cycle cost.
  • Dramatically reduce operation and maintenance costs from hefty repair bills on machines

Automated Guided Vehicle Application double stack

Traditionally automation projects have been expensive, slow, or inflexible to implement, but technology has been changing and developing to make the futuristic warehouse more of a reality.  With the help of our experts, we can design a warehouse capable of full automation with various units all working in sync towards one common goal, efficiency.  Automation can show impressive cost savings to the warehouse, especially in areas that your employee is handling longer load transfers.  It will save employees for other tasks around the warehouse instead of cookie cutter, routine tasks automation can handle.

Take reliability and efficiency to the next level with AGV’s.  They are a durable, flexible, and modular solution that will deliver a short ROI.  The technology has been around for decades and has been proven to work in various applications.


For more information contact us at 330-633-6000 to speak with a material handling expert.




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7 Tips to an Improved Material Handling Warehouse

Below are seven tips we learned from some of our customers on how to improve material handling and efficiency. By following some of these tips you will notice an improvement in your workplace’s efficiency, thus saving time and money!


Jungheinrich order-picker

  • Don’t assign new employees to put-away duties.  An experienced driver in receiving will know the products and understand where things go.
  • Have the new employee start by filling orders.  This will help them learn and understand the products, customers, and paperwork system.


  • Don’t waste valuable time waiting in the yard and unwanted pressure on receivers and shippers.
  • If your truck arrival schedule is efficient, the fewer dock doors you will need to operate.  This will save you money on utilities.


  • With an assigned shift to one task, you can reduce the staging area requirements by receiving goods during one shift and shipping during another.


Jungheinrich truck unloading

  • Trucks sitting around only cause congestion in the warehouse.
  • Measure how fast your team unloads a truck.  Is there any room for improvement or anything that can be done differently to shave off time?


  • Don’t let pieces of debris on the floor reduce your productivity.  This will slow down operators in the workflow.
  • Check for cracks or uneven floor sections.  These can cause serious damages to trucks and expensive down-times.
  • Floor defects can also lead to loads tipping and causing serious injury or damage to the product.


  • Get packers complete orders so they don’t waste time looking for missing items.
  • Do they have enough space?  Observe them at work and make sure they’re not bumping into each other or tripping over boxes.
  • Keep the workflow consistent so packing doesn’t change between dead periods and rush hour activity.  If there is a change, this could mean that the order picking process is not operating as effectively and needs further attention.


  • Keep your operators up to date on new process improvements across the warehouse for improved efficiency
  • Ask your operators their opinion on how to improve a certain task that they perform around the warehouse.
  • Watch your best forklift operators to discover tricks they currently do.  Use that operator to teach others on how to be efficient.

For more tips and tricks on how to improve your warehouse contact us at 330-633-6000 to speak to a warehouse specialist!



OSHA Fine Updates

traiingDue to an amendment made to the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act of 1990, OSHA fines will increase for the first time in over 25 years. With this change being made OSHA is in the final processes to initiate the ruling starting in 2016. It is projected that the rates will go up 70 -80% from where they currently are set. This law compensates for the stoppage of penalty increases that had been in place for the last quarter century.

OSHA was originally created back in 1971 as a way to make the work place a safer environment for all employees and guests. As this change takes effect it is more vital than ever to have your employees properly trained and certified on forklift safety. The price of proper training will far out weigh the price of these increased OSHA fines that could occur.

To learn more about OSHA and Forklift training contact Fallsway today!




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Winterizing your Forklifts

As the winter months are quickly approaching, many are beginning to get their businesses ready for the changing weather conditions. Taking care of priorities such as snow removal, salting parking lots and making sure all heaters are cleaned and ready to go. But many forget one very important item that needs to be ready for winter as well, and that is prepping the forklifts and all other material handling machines.

Taking care of your material handling machines before the frigid temperature arrive is a must. Often times, preparing your forklift for the winter months is not on your first to-do list, more of an afterthought after something goes wrong.

There are many issues that can arise by not properly getting your forklift cold-weather ready, such as leaks in tubing, dead batteries and cracked radiators. It is also important to note that in the winter months; it is easier for your forklift to overheat than in the summer weather. Checking the freezing point of your antifreeze to ensure it is not too low is a great place to start before the harsh weather hits, but it is not always enough to protect your machines. With the winterizing services that Fallsway Equipment can provide, most of these issues are preventable.

To help make these non-issues, we are able to include all of these adjustments in our regularly scheduled planned maintenance programs. In our planned maintenance program, the certified technicians that come to you, will give your forklift a full servicing every 500 hours to make sure that your machines are continuing to run at its peak performance. As mentioned above, it is during these planned maintenance times that adjustments can be made for the winter months as well. Preventative maintenance such as this will help keep your operating costs low and prevent downtime due to larger repairs such as damaged radiators or cracked tubing caused from the changing weather conditions.

Call Fallsway Equipment today to ask more about winterizing your forklift and getting set up on a planned maintenance program.

Fallsway Equipment
(330) 633-6000

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New Kalmar Demo Unit

Fallsway Equipment Company is excited to announce that a new demo of the Kalmar DCG 160-6 forklift is now available. For those jobs that need a little more power than the average lift this Kalmar is able to provide all the assistance needed. Some of the specifications on this incredible unit include:

  • 2015 Kalmar DCG 160-6
  • Capacity- 36,000 lbs
  • EGO Cabin (Air conditioning)
  • 157 in reach

This new Kalmar is designed, tested, and proven to be at the top of its class. Don’t just take our word, check out the video below to see for yourself before setting up your demo.



Please contact Fallsway Equipment if you you would like to set up a personal demo of the Kalmar lift truck, or if you have any additional questions.

Fallsway Equipment

(330) 633-6000


Jungheinrich Machine Updates

In the effort of continuous improvement, Jungheinrich has recently announced a few updates to three of its machines. These machines and updates are described below.

Jungheinrich EFG 535k-S50:

Mast Updatesblog1
The updated mast offers better visibility and is now consistent with the Jungheinrich® EFG 2, 3 and 4 series models. Selected mast heights have been adjusted to better meet customer requirements.


EKX 514-516k-516 blog2Series Turret Trucks:

New Models, New Design
The new 3,000-3,500 lb. capacity turret truck models can reach maximum fork heights up to 689 inches, work in 66 inch wide aisles and offer automated performance that contribute to these units being the most efficient man-up turret trucks available in the market.


EZS C40 Tow Tractor:

New Model Added To EZS 350 Series
The 8,800 lb. capacity EZS C40 tow tractor is designed with a shorter chassis for better right angle stack (RAS) and Super Elastic (SE) tires to be standard. These tow tractors are also built with increased ground clearance, which provides a more comfortable ride for operators. Other productivity-enhancing features include high energy efficiency with a maintenance-free AC drive motor, precise control with electric steering, including JetPilot that allows for better maneuverability and controlled cornering with Curve Control. Additionally, the EZS C50 features SpeedControl, the smooth electronic control system, which is ideal for increased command.

blog 3

We are extremely excited about these updates because we feel that they bring added value to an already outstanding product.

Feel free to contact us at 330-633-6000 with any questions regarding these updates!

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Fallsway / MHEDA Video Recap

As this week comes to an end, so does the Fallsway / MHEDA video series. These videos were aimed at educating and refreshing our customers on a wide variety of material handling topics. Below is a quick recap on a few important notes from each video.

Innovations in Electric Trucks
• Electric forklifts now make up 60% of the market.
• Environmental concerns, government regulations and advances in performance and AC technology are just a few of the reasons electric trucks have become so popular.
• Paying a higher upfront cost for an electric lift truck can mean saving money when it comes to long-term maintenance compared to an IC truck.

Operations-Training, Tips and Techniques
• Providing OSHA standardized training on all machines and work environments is required.
• Inspections of all machines prior to each shift are vital to safety.
• Maintaining a safe load size is crucial for the overall safety of both the operator and the machine.

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning
• Follow the maintenance schedule that is outlined in the truck’s operation manual. This will help keep the truck performing at its highest potential.
• A daily pre-start inspection is not only good for the forklift but it is also key to the safe operation of the forklift.
• Taking the time to properly clean your forklift can help minimize downtime caused by contamination due to debris from the application.

Safety Considerations
• Safe work environments are critical to the health of your business. They help to minimize damage to your assets, whether these are people, products or equipment.
• It is imperative that anyone who is going to operate a forklift is trained and certified in operating that piece of equipment.
• Always be sure to follow the rules and guidelines set by your company, the government and the manufacturer.

Selecting the Right Forklift
• Business today means operating in real time. Your customers demand speed and accuracy when it comes to their orders. Your forklift equipment has a direct impact on your company’s ability to meet these expectations.
• Some key questions to ask yourself before choosing a forklift: What am I using this forklift for and where is it going to be used? What are my maximum capacities and lift requirements? Is it better for me to lease or own my equipment?
• Answering these few questions will help you better decide what the right forklift is for your organization.

Warehouse Productivity Factors
• Warehouse layout and design is extremely important to the productivity of your business. Your material handling equipment may require you to work in specific aisle sizes and ceiling heights in order to properly handle your load.
• The modern lift truck can be customized to help you best accomplish the goals of your business. Whether this is an attachment that will increase efficiency in handling your loads, added lights and warning devices or just ergonomic upgrades to raise the level of comfort for your operators.
• Communication is key if you are managing multiple fleets and people, this is why you should consider investing in an effective fleet management system. With this system you will be able to track costs, create maintenance schedules, track equipment and operator performance, and determine your optimum fleet size.

To learn more about any of these topics please click on the appropriate link to be redirected to the full video.

Please contact us directly at 330-633-6000 with any questions.

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Jungheinrich: Unmatched Efficiency

For over 60 years Jungheinrich has been the leader in the drive to make the material handling industry as efficient as possible. Over time, Jungheinrich engineers have created outstanding energy efficiency throughout the entire machine. It has been tested time and time again, with Jungheinrich machines, the battery is able to last two full shifts off of one battery charge in typical applications.

This type of battery length stem for the 3-Phase AC Motors that are featured in all of the Jungheinrich electric machines to provide increased efficiency. The output AC controller coupled with the powerful AC Drive Motor started development back in 1996 and is continues to be tested and improved. These two components were designed together by Jungheinrich to maximize performance and energy efficiency. It is these features that have lead Jungheinrich to become a worldwide AC leader in the material handling industry.

A unique energy efficient feature on Jungheinrich machines is the advanced regenerative braking system. This system allows for the recovery of up to 20% every time the operator takes his foot off the accelerator. Going along with the regenerative braking is the optional regenerative lowering system. This system is able to reclaim up to 30% of energy required to raise the mast every time it is lowered. With these types of regenerative energy savings it makes every 4th lift free to the user.

With all the energy efficiency features that Jungheinrich has introduced in its machines, it has allowed them to become one of the leaders in global warehouse logistics. The benefits of longer run times, fewer batteries, and less time charging and changing batteries are all factors in making your operation more efficient and increasing the bottom line. It is Jungheinrich and Fallsway’s guarantee that these machine batteries will run longer than any others on the market with the efficiency that has been created.


Fallsway Equipment carries a full lineup of Jungheinrich forklifts, contact us for more information about products or purchasing today.

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